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Tamil Class
                     It is a part of Tamil Sneham's mission to impart in our children a sense of awareness  and pride in our heritage so that they can grow up upholding the virtues of our culture in our adopted country. Language is an important component of our culture and serves as a bond between members of our community who share the same linguistic heritage. Even though Tamil Sneham has now extended its reach beyond the Tamil community living in the Tampa Bay area, we encourage all parents to make their children conversant in their native language so that it can serve as a medium of communication with them. Toward this end, our organization is coordinating the study of Tamil language at several locations in Tampa, FL, taught by volunteer- teachers in their homes. These classes are intended for children of Tamil parents who are interested in teaching their children a basic knowledge of the language.  We provide the syllabus and teaching aids to the teachers and conduct competitions among children on their knowledge of the language.

                  If you are interested in serving as teachers or in enrolling your child in one of the classes, please write to tamil.sneham@gmail.com