Tamil New Year 2021

April 17th 2021

Register Now (Closing on April 1st)

Participants are not allowed to participate in more than one event (Any exceptions should be reported and approved by Tamil Sneham). Songs for the event should be notified and approved by Tamil Sneham after registration. Primary TN should have Whatsapp enabled for coordination (Please validate before submission). Should have flash drive backup during the event day to address any last-minute audio issues (No online downloads/streaming). Video and photo shall be recorded and made available through Tamil Sneham digital media. Performance should not be religious in nature. I have read and agree to abide by the rules and guidelines.

For additional details :

Deva : (813) 731-0144

Sheela : (813) 943-6886

Bhuvana : (805) 358-0286

Siva : (813) 263-4036

JP : (813) 452-8969

Mani : (760) 443-9072